About Us

What do we do?

We develop Culture-Driven Customer Care organizations that rank in the top percentiles of the World’s organizations.

How do we do that?

We implement a process to create Collaboration Laboratories (Co-LabsTM) that enable us to develop teams of stakeholders focusing on all aspects of community problems.

Collaboration Laboratories (Co-LabsTM) are designed to enable the stakeholders to implement a commerce-based social economic solution that utilizes state of the art data science while blending Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop Human Intelligence (HI) that:

  • Empowers Individuals
  • Resolves Community Conflicts
  • Improves Commerce
  • Improves Businesses
  • Strengthens Communities

What problems do you solve?

Collaboration Laboratories (Co-LabTM) Institutes overcome the resistance that emerges in organizations when trying to implement change (e.g. adopting new technology) and evokes acceptance and ownership by all stakeholders. An example benefit: reduce the loss of key employees and their corporate knowledge.
Partnership investment in our solutions for business overflow into community nonprofits.
The initial community focus is to address the intertwined problems of estranged veterans, homelessness, dependency and at-risk kids to create sustainable restoration: to reinstate dignity, enrich life and develop purposeful careers in commerce/business.

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